Webinar Schedule

Thank you for your interest in our webinar schedule.

Below you will see a list of our upcoming seminars. Click on the title of each of them to sign up.

At the top of the list are our past webinars that were recorded.  Click on the appropriate link(s) to sign up to view/listen to them on recording.

On RecordingHow to Properly Illustrate and Sell EIUL (Equity Indexed Universal Life) Policies. Click here to view it on recording.

On Recording: History of UL, VUL, GUL, IUL. Rise and downfall of UL what went wrong, can it happen again?  Click here to view it on recording.

On Recording: Back casting tool explained–what crediting rates are realistic for each carrier. Click here to view.

On Recording: How do interest rates effect options budget and how does the options budget effect crediting rates/caps. Click here to view it on recording.

On Recording: Loan rates and bonuses. The difference between fixed, variable and wash loans. How are loan rates set? Click here to view it on recording.

On Recording: College funding utilizing EIUL as a college savings vehicle. Click here to view it on recording.

Thursday, June 18th- Premium Finance- Clearly defined with clear parameters on who is a fit and who is not a fit. Net worth requirements, liquidity requirements, estate preservation only?

Thursday, July 16th- Business planning concepts, with c corps Section 79, 412e3, Captives, Veba

Thursday, August 20th- Be your own Banker vs Tax Free Retirement concept. How are they different, how are they the same, pros and cons of each

Thursday, September 17th- Simple TFR sales pitch to use when prospecting and meeting with clients

Thursday, October 15th- Liquidity riders and early cash value? No load products for 1035

Thursday, November 19th- Annuity Life Arbitrage. Using the free withdrawal on an annuity to fund life insurance for estate planning purposes

Thursday, December 17th- Executive Bonus Plans- Deferred Comp, Golden Handcuffs