Templated Website

Your New Web-Site

            If you have a web-site, answer the following questions:

            1) Do you like it? 2) Do you send your clients to surf your web-site? 3) Do you think your clients like it or spend time on it once they get there? 4) Do you have “unique” educational material on multiple “interesting” subjects to motivate readers? 5) Do you have voiced-over educational/motivational PowerPoint Presentations?

            If you answered no to any of the above questions, you should look at “upgrading” your web-site to one with the following characteristics:

            1) Educational material where the average client will spend between 10-30 minutes surfing your site.

            2) Motivational material that will move clients to fill out a form on your site requesting more information.

            3) Multiple educational videos on topics such as FIAs, EIUL (Retirement Life), guaranteed return FIAs, single premium life insurance, etc. 

            If  you paid a firm to come up with this site (which you couldn’t because the content is unique), it would cost in excess of $5,000. However, you can have your own version of this powerful and one-of-a-kind site for FREE when you work with our IMO. You can click here or on the image below that will take you to a template web-site where you can read for yourself how interesting/unique and motivational the information the site really is and how you can use such a site to move clients forward with your firm to help them grow and protect their wealth.

            For more information on how you can start using this powerful marketing tool to grow your business, please contact blair@eiultraining.com.  

templated site