Proven Marketing Strategies

It seems fair to say that most advisors could use more quality clients.

Unfortunately, finding new “quality” clients isn’t very easy.

In our industry, every IMO says they have a “lead program.” However, as many agents find out, virtually all the programs offered by IMOs are more smoke-and-mirrors programs that they use to bait advisors to come work with the IMO.

We are about helping agents understand EIUL, and we are here to help agents sell them in a compliant manner.

We are not a lead service.

However, we are very familiar with two of the most powerful marketing strategies in the industry today; and we thought it would be prudent to let advisors who are surfing this site know about them.

What is a “proven” marketing strategy?

Simple‒it’s one that has been proven to work by multiple advisors (hundreds preferably).

To learn about two of the best, if not the best, proven marketing strategies, click on the following link: