New EIUL Regulations Download

Thank you for your interest in downloading the 3-page proposed EIUL illustration regulations. They will blow your mind.

They are also not in understandable English and we’ll be doing a webinar explaining them in a few weeks.

Click here to download the proposed regulations in a PDF format.

To learn about the upcoming in person 2-day EIUL educational seminars, click here.

If you are worried about how these new restrictive EIUL illustration regs. will affect your ability to earn a living, I recommend you take action to protect yourself.

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In light of the fact that IL recently deemed FIAs as securities, this further strengthens my position that every advisor should become Series 65 licensed. See my newsletter: IL Court Holds that FIAs ARE Securities and NAFA is Freaking out! To read, click on the following link:

Roccy DeFrancesco