IRA Rescue Using 72t

The following are a few slides from the IRA rescue using EIUL presentation an IMO is peddling. 

As you read in my newsletter, not only can’t I make the numbers work, I can’t even get them to come close.

This concept is a sure fire loser from a financial point of view and if you want to read about those real world numbers (vs. the seemingly made up numbers from the slides below), click on the following links to read a few of my past articles.

Another IRA Rescue-Life Insurance Sales Strategy to Avoid

Another IRA Rescue-Life Insurance Sales Strategy to Avoid! (a different article than the one above)

Roccy DeFrancesco, JD




Don’t be fooled by these numbers. Just because they appear on a PowerPoint presentation doesn’t mean they are accurate. They are not! If you can make the above numbers come out right using an excel spreadsheet and any EIUL illustration, please contact me immediately and I’ll make you a rock star in my next newsletter.