In Person EIUL Training

EIUL Two-Day in Person Training

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We plan on doing upcoming seminars in the following cities:

Las Vegas
Orange County, CA

The first question that needs to be asked is whether intensive training on EIUL policies is necessary. From our years in the industry and interacting with thousands of advisors we know the answer is yes.

How do we know that? Because most agents we talk with barely know the basics let alone all of what they need to know in order to properly sell EIUL policies.

The fact that agents are selling inferior EIUL policies form the following companies in and of itself proves the need for intensive training: Aviva, Pac Life, Life of the Southwest, Pen Mutual, American National, Lincoln, John Hancock, Ameriprise, Harftord to name a few.

Our in person training has on goal. That goal is to make sure those who walk out understand the following:

How EIUL policies are priced

This includes understand the expenses in the policy you are selling (option costs, bond income, cost of insurance, per 1000 charges, and more). When a client asks you to explain the costs in the policy, it’s tough to sell one when you can’t give them a credible answer.

Participating loans (also known as variable loans)

Most EIUL polices are sold illustrating NOT wash loans but instead what are known as participating or variable loans. It’s impossible to give full disclosure advice to potential clients when you don’t fully understand how these loans work.

How to properly illustrate EIUL policies

Illustrations given out by most IMOs and insurance companies with variable loans are the epitome of what’s wrong with our industry.  At our training we will show you the tricks IMOs use to manipulate the software to make the outcome much better than is realistic. Then we will show you how to be able to do an apple-to-apple comparison between policies at different companies.

EIUL polices as a tax-free wealth building tool

Even though this is the primary reason clients buy EIUL, the basics of how the MEC rules won’t take too much time to cover. Having said that, we will do so in detail.

EIUL vs. tax-deferred plans like 401(k)s and IRAs

Some in the industry call an EIUL an unlimited ROTH IRA. We will cover in extreme detail the real world math behind the concept of using EIUL instead of using tax-deferred vehicles. This is a key part of the training that will help advisors sell EIUL in an appropriate manner.

Whole life insurance

While it’s odd to have a section on whole life insurance at an EIUL training, it’s really one of our more popular sessions. It’s a question that has been asked since EIUL entered the marketplace over 15 year ago: which is a better retirement tool? EIUL or WL? We will answer this question with specifics at our training (which will really help those who have to sell against Northwestern Mutual, Guardian, NY Life, etc.  Also, if you have ever thought of using the Bank on Yourself or the Infinite Banking Concept, or if you have ever looked at LEAP®, you will really enjoy this part of our training.

EIUL sales strategies

We will show you a few of our best turnkey marketing strategies to get clients in the door to learn about and buy EIUL policies.

EIUL sales strategies to avoid

Greed runs wild in the insurance industry and there are a number of current scams involving EIUL sales. We will show you specifically why IRA rescue using EIUL doesn’t work and why Section 79 Plans using EIUL are no good. Attendees will get a look at the real math that drives the decision as to whether selling EIUL to someone who is over age 55 or 60 make financial sense.

Marketing tools

We have access to the best EIUL marketing tools in the industry today. We have everything from proprietary sales software, to being able to give CPE seminars to CPAs, to multiple educational/sales books, to being able to write the Foreword for sales books, to the only trademarked EIUL sales platform in the industry and more. We will discuss these tools and how attendees can access them to grow their sales.


For some, it won’t be enough to learn about EIUL policies and be given access to the best marketing tools in the industry. Some advisors will still need more help. We will discuss how you can get access to a mentor who will be there whenever you need him to talk about case design and even to help you close cases in a one-on-one basis with your clients.

Becoming an IAR

The industry has been changing over the last many years. Insurance only licensed agents have regulatory issues to deal with that they never had before.  It is our opinion that every insurance only licensed advisors should have a Series 65 license and work as an IAR under an RIA. This solves the regulatory issues and when you use the “best” IAR platform in the industry, doing so will help you double your fixed life and annuity sales. We will discuss this platform in detail for those who are interested.


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