What’s Included in Market to Docs?

Unique Marketing Tools

Unique Marketing Tools

EIUL Sales Tools

Everyone needs sales tools. However, the problem in our industry is that many sales tools are designed to deceive (or at least to not give full disclosure) so sales can be made. 

Our sales tools are both powerful and compliant. They can be used to both educate prospects and motivate them to purchase.

One of the most important things about our tools is that they are proprietary to our firm. Because we are selective in whom we work with, those we do work with are typically unique in their local areas.

Websites—this is your baseline sales tool. It is your business card. The problem is that most agents have terrible sites. We have hands down the best template website in the industry.  It’s interactive, it has videos explaining the power of EIUL, and it’s set up to fully interact with social media for those who are interested.  To learn more about our unique template website, click here.

Retirement Life™(RL)—RL is the ONLY trademarked EIUL sales platform in the industry today. RL is not a policy. It’s a conceptual platform that stands for the concept that EIUL is a very good risk-free/tax-free retirement tool for many people. The goal with RL is to motivate prospects to learn more.

RL comes with two different customizable brochures, educational DVDs, website content, and is referenced multiple times in the best EUIL educational book in the market (see below).  If you want to communicate in simple terms the value of EIUL, using the RL platform is your best option.  E-mail info@eiultraining.com to inquire about using RL to help you grow your business.

EIUL illustration/sales software—most advisors selling EIUL have been told by various IMOs that they have software to help them sell products. We have some news for everyone‒the software offered by IMOs we’ve seen (and we’ve seen them all) is not accurate.

We have access to the most accurate illustration/comparison sales software in the industry today. The software compares EIUL to investing in mutual funds, and it compares EIUL to tax-deferred tools such as 401(k)s and IRAs. The software creates an eight-page sales output for you to sit down and discuss with your clients. Click here to learn more about the software, or e-mail info@eiultraining.com to inquire about getting set up to use it.

Educational/motivational books—there are a number of so-called educational books on EIUL in the marketplace. In our opinion, they are all fluff pieces that are really not meant to educate readers. We have access to the best EIUL book in the industry that will both educate and motivate readers to reach out to you to purchase EIUL. The book is titled Retiring Without Risk (RWR), and you can click here or e-mail info@eiultraining.com to learn more.

Write the Foreword for RWR—it’s tough to say what is the single most “powerful” marketing tool available, but we would argue that having your name on the cover of a book and the best EIUL education book in the market could be considered the most powerful tool. Firms charge $5,000-$10,000 to allow an advisor to put their name on the cover of books, and they are not even good books.

Advisors who come on board with our firm can get 100 books for $720 (and we will reimburse the cost when an advisor reaches $50,000 in target life sales). Click here to learn more, or e-mail info@eiultraining.com.

Free e-book giveaway site—this is a crazy powerful marketing tool. Over 50% of the books sold today are in an e-format. Wouldn’t it be nice to give away the best book ever written on EIUL (RWR) away for free in an e-format? We think so.

The free e-book site will help you capture a significant amount of new leads when your friends, family members, and clients (past and present) tell their friends, family members, and co-workers about the site. The goal is to have new people who you don’t know sign up to read the books so you can contact them to see if they have any questions about the content in the books.  To learn how you can get your own customized free e-book giveaway site, contact info@eiultraining.com.

Continuing education for CPAs—one great way to market your services and EIUL specifically is to work with CPAs. The best way to work with CPAs is to offer them CPE (Continuing Professional Education) credits for meeting with you. We have the ability to let advisors give CPE credits to CPAs/EAs/accountants. If this interests you, please e-mail info@eiultraining.com.


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Success Stories

Success Stories

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Proven Marketing Strategies

Proven Marketing Strategies

It seems fair to say that most advisors could use more quality clients.

Unfortunately, finding new “quality” clients isn’t very easy.

In our industry, every IMO says they have a “lead program.” However, as many agents find out, virtually all the programs offered by IMOs are more smoke-and-mirrors programs that they use to bait advisors to come work with the IMO.

We are about helping agents understand EIUL, and we are here to help agents sell them in a compliant manner.

We are not a lead service.

However, we are very familiar with two of the most powerful marketing strategies in the industry today; and we thought it would be prudent to let advisors who are surfing this site know about them.

What is a “proven” marketing strategy?

Simple‒it’s one that has been proven to work by multiple advisors (hundreds preferably).

To learn about two of the best, if not the best, proven marketing strategies, click on the following link: www.provenmarketingstrategies.net.  


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Becoming an IAR

Becoming an IAR

What is an IAR? It’s an Investment Advisory Representative (series 65 licensed). An IAR works under an RIA (Registered Investment Advisor) and doesn’t have all the regulatory problems the RIA has.

Our firm works with the best RIA in the businessand one who has created an absolutely unique low-risk, tactically managed management platform that dovetails very well with those who sell fixed products.

To learn more about the RIA we work with (Peace of Mind (POM) Planning), go to www.pomplanning.net (their platform will blow your mind).

Why become in IAR?

                –Avoid regulatory problems. Thousands of insurance-only licensed agents almost lost their ability to earn a living when 151A passed. Being an IAR protects advisors from further federal and state regulations that are already having a chilling effect on the industry. 

                There are cases in certain states where advisors whose clients moved money from mutual funds, stocks, or bonds to fund a fixed product were fined and reprimanded for doing so without a securities license (this is a scary thought and a position more states are taking).

                –Create a substantial reoccurring revenue stream.  For years, insurance-only licensed advisors have foregone making money from AUM (Assets Under Management). With the low drawdown platform offered by www.pomplanning.net, there is no reason an insurance-only licensed advisor should continue to forego the money that can be made with AUM.

                The average advisor coming on board with POM Planning is bringing in $2-$4 million of new AUM every year. Advisors typically earn 1% on the AUM they bring in. If you do the simple math, after one year, most advisors are adding $20,000-$40,000 in new revenue (and that revenue grows every year).

Doubling your Fixed Sales!

Most advisors using the POM Planning platform are doubling their fixed sales. Why? Because the platform is so powerful. When you can offer managers who have not had a down year in 23 and 17 years respectively with calculated risk that is 80% less than the S&P 500 (where the returns are near or above what the S&P 500 is), it’s easy to understand why prospects want to learn more.

When prospects want to learn more about the POM Planning platform, that gives an advisor the opportunity to offer overall planning advice that would include EIUL sales.  Actually, POM Planning uses a three-bucket sales approach with clients where bucket #1 is a fixed bucket.

Proven Success!

Over the last 18+ months, over 160 advisors have come on board with POM Planning and have gathered in excess of $250,000,000 (that’s 250 million dollars).

There is no good reason an insurance-only licensed advisor shouldn’t become an IAR and use the POM Planning platform to give more comprehensive advice/pick up AUM and make more fixed product sales in the process.

To learn more about POM Planning, simply go to www.pomplanning.net.

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Caution When Selling EIUL

Caution When Selling EIUL

Caution When Selling EIUL

If you talk with ten IMOs that push EIUL sales, you’d come away with the impression that they should work for just about any client in multiple situations.

We are here to tell you that couldn’t be further from the truth. Our training is about putting the client first and making recommendations that are in the client’s best interest.

When selling an EIUL policy doesn’t make sense.

Part of our training will be to show advisors when selling an EIUL policy doesn’t make sense or is a risky purchase (odd to hear since most IMOs say there is no risk to EIULs).

                1) Section 79 Plans

                These plans are one of our least favorite in the industry. They are now sold with EIUL policies. The bottom line is that clients would be better off using a “good” EIUL with after-tax money vs. taking a partial deduction to fund a Section 79 plan.  We cover this at training; but if you can’t wait, simply go to www.section79plans.net to learn more.

                2) IRA Rescue

                A handful of IMOs are pushing IRA rescue using EIUL. They will tell clients anywhere from ages 55-70 that they would be better off taking money from an IRA, paying taxes (and potential penalties), and funding an EIUL. They run the numbers with what we consider bogus or non-real world numbers and show the client how much more after-tax income they could receive with EIUL vs. leaving the money in the IRA and taking taxable distributions when needed.

                This is an abusive life insurance sale in our opinion, and we break down the math at our in-person training. If you are pitched this plan and need help before coming to our training, e-mail info@eiultraining.com for help.

                3) People 55-60 and older

                We see on a weekly basis EIUL illustrations other IMOs are giving out for older clients (55 and older) that look wonderful as tax-free retirement tools. If that’s the case, what’s the problem? The illustration has to be so manipulated in order to make the numbers work that we consider it a bogus illustration. If clients had any idea how bogus these illustrations are, they’d report the insurance agent to the department of insurance.

                Can EIUL work as a decent tax-free retirement tool for someone over 55? It can, but the stars have to align. Because of this, we only recommend it for affluent clients who have several retirement buckets to pull from. This allows the EIUL to grow and be the last bucket taken from. Unfortunately, we see EIUL sales to those 55 and older where “all” of their retirement money goes into the policy. This is very risky and a sale we do not believe is suitable.

                4) Bogus illustration-based sales

                We already alluded to bogus illustrations a few times above. We see on a weekly basis many illustrations for clients who should be good candidates to use EIUL for wealth building, but they are being sold the policy based on bogus illustrations.     

                What is a bogus illustration? One that uses an unrealistic crediting rate. One that uses a true variable loan where the interest rate used is today’s historically low rate (one that is projected out 30, 40, even 50+ years with a policy that doesn’t have a fixed-lending rate).

                As you will learn at our training, you don’t have to give out a bogus illustration to sell EIUL. You can give out a real-world/realistic illustration and make the sale just as easy.  Unfortunately, most IMOs only care about maximum sales and not what’s in the client’s best interest. That’s one thing that sets us apart. We are laser focused on educating advisors so they give full-disclosure advice to clients, and we support them in a manner that is also client focused. 

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