Becoming an IAR

What is an IAR? It’s an Investment Advisory Representative (series 65 licensed). An IAR works under an RIA (Registered Investment Advisor) and doesn’t have all the regulatory problems the RIA has.

Our firm works with the best RIA in the businessand one who has created an absolutely unique low-risk, tactically managed management platform that dovetails very well with those who sell fixed products.

To learn more about the RIA we work with (Peace of Mind (POM) Planning), go to (their platform will blow your mind).

Why become in IAR?

                –Avoid regulatory problems. Thousands of insurance-only licensed agents almost lost their ability to earn a living when 151A passed. Being an IAR protects advisors from further federal and state regulations that are already having a chilling effect on the industry. 

                There are cases in certain states where advisors whose clients moved money from mutual funds, stocks, or bonds to fund a fixed product were fined and reprimanded for doing so without a securities license (this is a scary thought and a position more states are taking).

                –Create a substantial reoccurring revenue stream.  For years, insurance-only licensed advisors have foregone making money from AUM (Assets Under Management). With the low drawdown platform offered by, there is no reason an insurance-only licensed advisor should continue to forego the money that can be made with AUM.

                The average advisor coming on board with POM Planning is bringing in $2-$4 million of new AUM every year. Advisors typically earn 1% on the AUM they bring in. If you do the simple math, after one year, most advisors are adding $20,000-$40,000 in new revenue (and that revenue grows every year).

Doubling your Fixed Sales!

Most advisors using the POM Planning platform are doubling their fixed sales. Why? Because the platform is so powerful. When you can offer managers who have not had a down year in 23 and 17 years respectively with calculated risk that is 80% less than the S&P 500 (where the returns are near or above what the S&P 500 is), it’s easy to understand why prospects want to learn more.

When prospects want to learn more about the POM Planning platform, that gives an advisor the opportunity to offer overall planning advice that would include EIUL sales.  Actually, POM Planning uses a three-bucket sales approach with clients where bucket #1 is a fixed bucket.

Proven Success!

Over the last 18+ months, over 160 advisors have come on board with POM Planning and have gathered in excess of $250,000,000 (that’s 250 million dollars).

There is no good reason an insurance-only licensed advisor shouldn’t become an IAR and use the POM Planning platform to give more comprehensive advice/pick up AUM and make more fixed product sales in the process.

To learn more about POM Planning, simply go to