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Over the last several years, EIUL (Equity Indexed Universal Life) insurance has become an industry darling for insurance agents. If you want to learn more about and sell more EIUL policies, you’ve come to the right place.

There are many good reasons to use EIUL for wealth building:

  • Stock market risk mitigation (no loss of assets when the stock market crashes)
  • Returns linked to measuring indexes like the S&P 500 or others
  • Tax favorable status (tax-free growth and tax-free loans for retirement income)

You don’t have to be a genius to know that when you talk with a potential client about the above-listed benefits they will want to learn more.

However, as is typically the problem in the insurance industry, agents learn enough to be dangerous which means most do NOT know what they need to know in order to give clients the “best” advice.

What is the “best advice”? Advice that’s in the client’s best interest.

In order to give the “best advice,” you need to know:

  • “all” the policies in the market (not just the one your IMO recommends) and which ones will be best for any particular client.
  • how the policies actually work (it’s amazing how many agents selling EIUL can’t explain the inner workings of the policies they are selling).
  • when it’s best NOT to sell a client EIUL to build wealth.
  • when an IMO is manipulating an EIUL illustration to make the sale of unsuitable (meaning they are not running a realistic or real-world illustrations) .
  • why an EIUL policy is a better policy (or not) than a whole life policy.


The thing that is lacking most in our industry is training and mentoring. When it comes to EIUL, it’s actually worse than that. There is training by certain IMOs, but that training is inaccurate and manipulative.

This website was created to give you enough information about EIUL  and our training so you can determine if it is in your best interest to attend our industry “best” EIUL training.

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We believe that when you surf this site the only conclusion you will come to is that you should come to training so you can be best equipped make suitable sales (and a lot more of them with our mentoring services).